My complete kit

Packing your bike is art. Depending on where you want to go, how long your trip will be and the degree of self-autonomy you choose, you need to pack accordingly.

You may call it micro-adventure, weekend escape or just a quick overnighter in the woods – here is my complete gear list for a short bikepacking trip. But heads up! Trying out different set ups, this is what works best for me during spring and summer with relatively stable temperatures. It’s my set up for one self-supported overnighter – so take it as a packing inspiration.

Spoiler: Packing for a bikepacking trip is work. Compared to biketouring, bikepacking is the leighter version of traveling. Given the limited space you may think twice what to pack and what not to pack.

– tent
– sleeping bag no. 1
– loft jacket
– 1 long tights
– 1 merino long sleeve T
– 1 pair of socks
– 1 bib shorts
– inflatable mattress
– glasses
– deodorant
– contact lens fluid
– comb
– lotion

Ortlieb seatpack 16,5l

– pot
– gas
– burner
– long sleeve jersey
– rain jacket
– gilet
– towel
– sleeping bag no. 2

Ortlieb handlebarpack 9,5l

– snacks
– multi tool
– tire leavers
– spare tube
– pump
– power bank
– charging cables
– small rucksack
– head torch and front light
– wet whipes and tooth brush
– knife
– lighter
– cable ties

Ortlieb Accessorypack 3,5l

I make sure that everything I will most definitely not need during the day stays in the seatpack. Also it’s the only place my tent fits. Things I need more or less accessible go in the handlebar pack and everything I need handy is in the accessory pack. It’s attached onto the handlebar pack.

This was my equipment for 1 overnighter at around 0-2 degrees.

Further details:
All bags: @ortlieb_waterproof
Tent: Decathlon, forclaz trek 900 1 person
Potts and burner: optimus
Clothing: @ryzon_apparel

I hope this is an inspiration to you. Good luck and enjoy your adventure!

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