Foto: Kay Tuschen

Hi, I am Wiebke Lühmann. Wiebke is my first name it’s pronounced like „Vipka“. Non-Germans usually call me Rosa. It is my middle name, it’s easy to pronounce and remember.  I am 25, I love to be outdoors, I love to write and meet people.

What do I do?

I do triathlon and bikepacking. Here’s my story in short:
2015 I started running and I ran my first half-marathon. 
2016 I started to swim and bought my first road bike. 
2017 I joined a triathlon club and started competing. 
2018 I became part of a triathlon team in Göttingen and even won a few races. 
2019 I left everything to go on my first long-term bikepacking trip. 
Seven months later I returned to Germany. 
Today I live in Constance and started writing a blog.

What’s next?

Now I am preparing for the next triathlon season and planning my next trip by bike. 
I started writing down everything about my trip in 2019, maybe publish a book and make a short movie – all in order to pass on some of my experiences, tell my travel story and help other to plan their trip.