Bikepacking the symbiosis of traveling, sports and expierencing nature. It’s you and your bike. And the freedom to carry everything you need for life: a tent, a burner, clothes, tools and food. It can be a micro-adventure or a trip around the world. Bikepacking is what you make out of it.

How it all started

For me it all started with the idea of cycling in Colombia. I was thrilled to find out about a new country, new roads, a new culture and meet new people. I didn’t know anyone in Colombia. I have never been to South Amerika before.

I wanted to learn everything at once: I wanted to learn Spanish, get into bikepacking and go on the biggest solo adventure of my life. And it all worked out. Even though, plans changed and I did not only travel by bike, this trip by bike changed my life.

My goal was to ride my bike as much as possible. The plan was to go until Lima. I booked my flight and started a 7-months adventure. I ended up in Buenos Aires, skipping Ecuador but getting to know Bolivia, Chile and parts of Argentina and Brazil. I cycled more than six countries and over eight thousand kilometers.

How it is going

Living in one place, I practice bikepacking as a form of escaping from the daily routine. An overnighter in December or a long weekend in the Allgäu, I try to find new places and new challenges.

This summer I plan a one-month solo bikepacking trip. Stay tuned for more.