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Hi, I am Wiebke Rosa Lühmann (pronouns she/her). Wiebke is my first name it’s pronounced like „Vipka“. Non-Germans usually call me Rosa. It is my middle name, it’s easy to pronounce and remember.

I love bikepacking & triathlon. I live in Freiburg, used to compete in triathlons and I work in sports marketing. At the same time, I am an adventurer. For me, the balance between a structured triathlon training plan and spontaneous bikepacking trips is very valuable. I work part time and full heartedly as a creator in the sports industry and I will start my full time job in March in sports marketing in Cologne.

What do I do?

Most of all, I love riding my bike: either on a gravel bike or on a road bike. Sometimes long, sometimes short. Sometimes fast, sometimes relaxed. When I’m not riding myself, I am talking a lot about cycling. I share my passion on my private Instagram channel @wiebkelueh, in talks about my bike adventures, or in any social groups I am in.

The more I ride, the more I love it. And the more I talk about it, the more I realize how many topics there are that are absolutely worth talking about. Either because they are beautiful and I want to share them with everyone, or because they are powerful and not often enough discussed. My heart beats for supporting marginalized groups in cycling. This is why I am a founding member of the collective The Women All Ride. Sharing knowledge, networking and empowering each other has become an important part for me and my journey.

Why do I do it?

For me, cycling is the most obvious realization that I can get really far with my own power. And the more I realize this self-efficacy, the closer I work with my body, the more I push my limits, the more free I become. Cycling makes me more independent and confident. Also, it allows me to give back to others. I am very privileged to be able to have these experiences and to be able to talk about them. I enjoy sharing my stories and I have learned. Most importantly: life is a constant process. We are growing, learning and changing every day. I am convinced that we can take control of our lives through our actions, our thoughts and our compassion. That motivates me enormously.

What do I stand for?

Cycling is empowerment. You empower yourself, so to speak. It is the symbiosis between physical and mental strength, endurance, nature experience and self-awareness. I would like to pass all this on. I am convinced that you can achieve anything with the right role models (real people with whom you can truly identify), the right environment and a pinch of courage. But I don’t only want to inspire and motivate others, I also want to initiate complex topics and get into an exchange about them. Representation matters and I want to make the cycling world a bit more inclusive, diverse and open.

In sum:

I do triathlon and bikepacking. Here’s my story in short:
2015 I started running and I finished my first half-marathon. 
2016 I started to swim and bought my first road bike. 
2017 I joined a triathlon club and started competing.
2018 I competed my first full triathlon & running season.
2018 I became part of the 8bar bikes team.
2019 I went on my 7 months bikepacking trip in South America. 
2020 I joined Wilier Triestina as a Global Ambassador.
2021 I became a founding member of The Women All Ride.
2022 I finished my Master of Science in business education & English.
2022 I moved to Freiburg and started working in the sports marketing industry.
2022 I cycled up to the North Cape from Hamburg. 3.500 km in 30 days.

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