What is gravel?

To ride gravel is to ride mostly unpaved, all-terrain roads. It’s about mixing your passion of cycling, nature and adventure. Sometimes it is also combined with some racing, but in general it is not about „winning“. Gravel bikes are robust, versatile and fast. They usually have bigger tires (38mm or more), I’ve seen mostly disc brakes and tubeless, they do not have suspensions like MTBs do, they come with a dropbar, they often have mounts for all kinds of equipment like racks or bottle holders etc., so you’re always ready for some bikepacking. Compared to cyclocross bikes they have a more comfortable geometry since they are build for endurance and long days in the saddle. Overall, it is more about exploring the wild nature on a reliable bike and less about performance & speed. It’s a really fun and new kind of cycling to me, totally different to what I have done before.

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