In the beginning I only wrote for friends and family. I documented my trip on Instagram, loved to take photos and let my peeps at home take part in my travel through my stories. More and more people started engaging and following me. I realized what I was doing was something inspirational for others. I began to write more regularly, answer questions and give more details about my life on the bike. Some followers started to plan similar trips and asking me for advice. With this blog I hope to give more ideas, insights and advice for anyone interested. My goal is to spread the word about bikepacking. It’s a wonderful way of traveling, because it combines keeping fit and getting to know other countries and people. Also, it is a sustainable and healthy way of traveling – for you and mother nature.

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  1. Hi Wiebke, as a Dad of 4 girls, I know some things, and you can be definitely inspirational with your travels, good on you. I’m always trying to find good role models for my younger daugthers (10 & 12 years) on social media, especially ones who like the great outdoors and love exercise. One question on your recent bikepacking travels to Colombia, what racking system did you use?. Keep up the good work and I’m hoping these two little girls of mine will be keen followers of you in the future. Best wishes, Alastair Lamb, – Oevelgoenne, Hamburg.

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