Cycling, especially roadcycling, was something I was not interested in much at first – also because I only knew men who did bike racing competitions. But when I first saw women on roadbikes at a local race, I fell in love. It looked so cool, so fast, so fun and I experience it, too! And here I am now, cycling more than ever before. If you told me this six years ago I would believe you – not in my wildest dreams. 

Now cycling is more than just a sport. I love to go on rides to explore, to travel, to recharge, to train and to enjoy nature and move independently. Both – gravel biking and roadcycling – is great fun to me and Lake Constance has a lot to offer.

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Cycling in Konstanz

I moved to the Bodensee/Lake Constance to have the ideal swim, bike, run conditions and landscapes.

Exploring the local area and going into the Swiss moutains from here is wonderful.
Here are some of my recent routes around Lake Constance that I would like to share with you:

Lake Constance – St. Anton – St. Gallen – Lake Constance 120 km

Lake Constance – Rapperswil – Einsiedeln – Zug 116 km

Zug – Rapperswil – Lake Constance 109 km

Konstanz – Weinfelden – Bischofszell – Amriswil – Konstanz 63 km

Konstanz – Pfyn – Konstanz 50 km

Konstanz – Wahlwies – Konstanz 60 km „Hausrunde“

Untersee Runde „Classic“ mit Schienerberg ca. 70 km

Untersee extended 1 Konstanz- Konstanz 90 km

Untersee extended 2 Konstanz – Konstanz 100km

Konstanz Gravel 41 km

If you want more, feel free to check my Strava.

I will try to upload any new exciting routes here on a regular basis.