Zeit für neue Abenteuer

Ich starte auf Deutschlandtour. Es wird aufregend, abschwechslungsreich und kaffee-intensiv. Ab dem 1. Juni bin ich für 2 Monate im HORIZON Van on tour. Find me out there: https://www.ryzon.net/pages/van-tour

Who am I?

Hi, I am Wiebke Rosa Lühmann (pronouns she/her). Wiebke is my first name it’s pronounced like „Vipka“. Non-Germans usually call me Rosa. It is my middle name, it’s easy to pronounce and remember. I love bikepacking & triathlon. I live in Freiburg, used to compete in triathlons and I work in sports marketing. At the …

Adventure: a long day on the roadbike

The mountain panorama is tempting. From Lake Constance the alps seem so close but yet so far. If you start early enough, a day in late September might be long enough. We tried it. And did it. And we chose this route: „It’s like cycling up a wall! A beautiful wall out of massive stone.“ …


Konstanz – Königssee – Salzburg – Ljubljana – Trieste – Udine: that was our route during this year’s bikepacking summer holiday. You can now find the complete route on Komoot. Also, there are extra information about our camp sites and favorite places to eat, drink and hang out. https://www.komoot.de/collection/1318624/-gravelcation-2021?ref=undefined

How to bikepack

How does bikepacking work? From motivation to goal setting to the right equipment – there is a lot to talk about when it comes to bikepacking. You dream of endless freedom on your bike? Just being out in the fresh air day and night and feeling limitless? Discovering new places by bike and taking a …